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About us

Southern Hippie is not just a brand. It’s a free-spirited lifestyle centered on trend driven fashion. We like to believe that SH is a culture fueled by our personal style, love for life, fashion, people, and our community.
Southern Hippie is our way of combining an affinity for fashion, food, music, yoga, travel, art, and finding beauty in the ordinary to express the #sohip state of mind. We live out our days with a warm heart, a beautiful brain, and in clothing that is an expression of who we are.
Elizabeth Lockhart
Owner and Creative Director
Elizabeth started Southern Hippie with $1,000 worth of inventory and an idea for a traveling boutique.  She purchased a 1965 Airstream that her dad helped fix up and about 6 months later opened one of the first Airstream boutiques in Texas. In 2012 she opened her first brick and mortar location.  In 2015 Southern Hippie Austin opened its doors and shortly after the SH team launched a worldwide ecommerce store.  Aside from Southern Hippie Elizabeth enjoys her loved ones, yoga, gluten free treats, her Corgi named Perla Jean (after her Dad), restaurant hunting, travel, turquoise water chasing, red wine, country music, all things coconut and a day out at the ranch.