Sensitive & Dry Skin Face Nectar

Sam Wish

Face Oil // Face Serum // All Natural // Organic // Vegan

Skin care can be tough and the face is no exception. The face nectar collaborates with your own oil production to promote a balanced and smooth complexion. They go on light and did we mention, they're non-toxic?! Made with organic ingredients, these blends of face oils help to moisturize and create positive changes for your gorgeous face, safe and naturally! 

SENSITIVE/DRY SKIN FACE NECTAR- This face oil, packed with gentle healing oils, is great for anyone with particularly sensitive or dry skin. The lavender helps to prevent blemishes and soothes while the geranium cleanses and freshens. The roman chamomile, with it's anti-inflammatory calms blemishes and the helichrysum helps to heal scarring. 

INGREDIENTS: Sunflower Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Tamanu Oil*, Lavender essential oil*, Geranium essential oil*, Roman chamomile essential oil*, Helichrysum essential oil*, Vitamin E

Sam Wish, makes organic bath and body products such as scrubs, bath soaks, deodorant, and much more from the beautiful city of Austin, TX! Each product is handcrafted in small batches with lots of love and intention.

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Sam Wish Sensitive & Dry Skin Face Nectar I Southern Hippie in Austin, Texas