Sage & Bergamot Deodorant // Aluminum-Free

Sam Wish

Organic // Small + Large

This Sage & Bergamot deodorant has a floral-y citrus scent for those that prefer a lighter, sweeter smell to the Lavender & Melaleuca Scent! It will help to control the odor causing bacteria in your pits to keep the stink away and help you smelling clean all day long!

Did you know that antiperspirants on the market today use aluminum to clog your pores, keep you from sweating, and inhibit your body's natural process of releasing toxins? This deodorant is *free* from harmful chemicals to avoid putting your health at risk.

Please note that when switching to an all-natural deodorant, you may experience some detoxing resulting in a bit more body odor than you wish. But if you hang in there and let your body do it's thang to purge out all those toxins, you should be back to smelling delicious within a week! This stuff DOES work but you may have to let your body get acquainted first!

INGREDIENTS: Pure Beeswax*, Coconut Oil*, Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder*, Lavender Essential Oil*, Melaleuca Essential Oil*

Sam Wish, makes organic bath and body products such as scrubs, bath soaks, deodorant, and much more from the beautiful city of Austin, TX! Each product is handcrafted in small batches with lots of love and intention.

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Sam Wish Sage & Bergamot Deodorant // Aluminum-Free • Southern Hippie