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Guava & Goji: Guava and goji berry make a lovely pair. The scent is super fresh and fruity, with sweet, sparkling goji and the sugary nectar of deliciously ripe guava. This coral colored soap has poppy seeds embedded in it for a gentle massage and exfoliation.

Ginger & Jasmine: Fresh floral jasmine warmed with hints of citrus peel, ginger tea and nutmeg. The smell is subtle, balanced, sophisticated and fresh. Latika’s Ginger and jasmine soap is a complex blend that evolves as you continue to use the soap and enjoy the many notes that make it such a popular bar. The soaps has a shimmery gold color that comes from Mica mineral powder.

Lavender: Scented with a blend of Lavender, Clary sage and Eucalyptus, this natural soap is free from Sulfates and Parabens, It is all vegetable based and foams beautiful bubbles. Latika’s Lavender soap is sprinkled with beautiful lavender buds to add texture and exfoliate gently.

Milk & Honey: The fresh oats in the soap will provide a gentle exfoliation that is suitable for delicate skin. Scented with notes of fresh milk, warm oats and sweet honey. With its clean, fresh and comforting aroma, Latika’s Milk and honey blend has been accurately described as ‘a hug for the skin’.

Tea Tree: Designed to keep faces clean and healthy, each element helps fight acne and infections with natural ingredients and enriched with three powerful elements such as Tea tree essential oil, pure honey and Turmeric powder.

Olive Grove: Scented with Latika's popular olive grove blend, this bar is enriched with sea clay and olive leaf extract. Olive grove blend is inspired by a stroll on the olive groves of tuscany, with earthy, floral and a bit of fruity notes that brings a natural and romantic feeling.

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