Aphrodite Bath Soak

Sam Wish

All Natural // Organic // Vegan

Named after the Goddess of Love herself, this bath soak is all about unconditional love, soul connections, deeper understandings, creation, growth, sensuality,intimacy, beauty, and pleasure. Aphrodite is a force of nature, the essence of femininity, unabashed female sexual energy, bringing us love and passion and excitement for life!

Immerse yourself in this luscious bath soak filled with love's flowers, nourishing salts, and essential oils that ground you, help you find the truth of your being, and connect you to your own inner goddess of love. Aphrodite teaches us to fall in love and be open with ourselves so that we can then spread our love to those around us <3

INGREDIENTS: Epsom Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt*, Honeysuckle Flowers*, Hibiscus Flowers*, Essential oils of Lavender*, Marjoram*, Frankincense*, Clary Sage*, Sandalwood*, Patchouli*, Vanilla Extract*

Sam Wish, makes organic bath and body products such as scrubs, bath soaks, deodorant, and much more from the beautiful city of Austin, TX! Each product is handcrafted in small batches with lots of love and intention.

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